Making the future fun through free forms. kfuna is an architectural design company in Japan.

kfuna is an architectural design company in Japan. Our designs are based on the concept of designing functionality. There are times when we think that functionality and beauty for buildings are contrasting. Although buildings are functional structures that provide people with convenience, they can also be seen as figurative art. However, the purpose of our endeavors is to allow both sides to coexist as if they are two sides of a coin.

In order to do so, we start by putting effort into clarifying the functional requirements. Our definition of functionality is to confront the environment (the background regarding people, things, locations, etc.), line of flow, and demand that we are given and making the most out of them.

・Diversely incorporating the environment without waste.
・Fulfilling the different desires for each user.
・The ability to make judgments with the future in mind.

In order to express ourselves faithfully toward these goals, “design with flexible thoughts (free forms)” is necessary. If the object for which we designed the functionality is also beautiful and in demand, we believe that the functionality and beauty required in architecture are successfully integrated for coexistence. In order to create these integrated objects, techniques and skills are essential.

We earnestly exert ourselves in all of the above (functionality, thought, design, beauty, techniques) and seek to contribute to society by changing the future of people into something that is wide and fun.



  • Company name 株式会社kfuna (カフナ)
  • Architect 川西 史隆
  • Address 〒560−0012 
    大阪府豊中市上野坂1-10-35 ZEPHYR HILL005